What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog
Very simply a blog is a page on your website. A blog will allow you to share content with others in your niche area of interest. The more information you have on your blog the more authority you will gain in your chosen field Kingw88

Why Do you Need A Blog
If you are planning to run your home based business, then you will need to have a place where you can build a relationship with your prospective customers. A blog is the best way to build your personal brand, your authority and credibility in your chosen niche.

A blog is the fastest method of providing information on the internet.

With the use of Word Press, posting to your blog and keeping it fresh and up to date is now easier than it has ever been.

What Do I Write On My Blog?
This is a big one for most people when they first get started with writing a blog.

You can blog about anything you like, personal experience, such as what it was like starting up your home based business, what it felt like learning new things about marketing online or on topics related to your niche.

As you progress you will come across tools and resources that you use. You can blog about ‘How To’ on these tools or new products or that you have come across.

Look at other sites and see what FAQ’s come up and see if you can make a blog post about this.

Perhaps you have some tips or tactics that you can give to your readers that you have discovered.

Keep your blog up to date with the industry news, add your own view on the topic to generate interest.

Try to keep you posts as interesting as possible.No one wants to read through a boring post they will simply click away.

Choose a catchy headline and invite the reader to read further by creating curiosity about what you have to tell them.

People like to look at images, a picture tells a thousand words so use images to tell your story and to encourage your reader to continue reading.

How To End A Blog
Always end your blog with a consistent signature and a call to action. You may need to point your readers in the direction of what you want them to do. So if you want them to leave a comment then ask them. If you want them to like you on Facebook, then simply ask them.

If you want to find out more about creating your own Blog, then we may be able to save you time by showing you how to set up you own Blog quickly.